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Strategic Plan Framework 2013-2015
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March 2013

DVG 203-15 Strategic Plan FrameworkLeading up to the important milestone of a silver anniversary in 2013, we spent much of the past year engaged in strategic planning.

The process involved asking  members and community colleagues across the sectors to tell us what you want to accomplish and how you expect us to help. We also assessed needs and opportunities in Greater Philadelphia and studied trends in philanthropy around the country.

Based on what we learned, we have developed the framework articulated below around which we will build our strategic plan. It envisions a Greater Philadelphia in which philanthropy is recognized as a constructive partner in solving problems and building a better future for our region.

We invite you to read through the framework and send us your comments and ideas, including ways in which you can participate. As we begin the hard work of translating this vision into specific initiatives and priorities, the support and involvement of our members and partners will be critical to help us achieve the optimistic and important goals we have set forth.

Special thanks to the North Penn Community Health Foundation and Lincoln Financial Foundation for supporting development of this Strategic Plan Framework.

2013-2015 Strategic Plan Framework


We envision a strong, vibrant and sustainable future for the Greater Philadelphia region, in which philanthropy is renowned and valued for catalytic, constructive and collaborative actions that provide opportunities for the greater good and help solve longstanding social problems.


Inform and inspire philanthropy that sparks solutions and heightens the quality of life in the Greater Philadelphia region.


  • EMPATHY. We care deeply about the well-being of the people in our region. Philanthropy is stronger when it is driven by this personal and professional passion.
  • EXCELLENCE. We strive to meet the highest standards of quality in all activities in service to members and to the region. Excellence means innovation, relevance and responsiveness. Excellence drives results.
  • ACCOUNTABILITY. We are responsible for actions—and inactions—in pursuit of our mission. Transparency is an essential component of accountability, so our decision-making and communications are clear and candid. We invite inquiries and ideas that challenge our performance.
  • LEADERSHIP. We embrace the privilege and commitment to be a force for good of our region.
  • PARTNERSHIP. We believe in the power of partnership and collaboration to achieve change. Members and staff strive to work together and to be fair and effective partners, with one another and across sectors with other organizations in our region.
  • INCLUSIVENESS. We know that incorporating a diversity of viewpoints, experiences and abilities into our work, makes for richer learning and more effective action.

Strategic Goals

  1. Deliver knowledge, tools and opportunities that propel an active and diverse membership network to grow, learn and give more effectively.
  2. Foster philanthropy that shapes solutions and has a strong, measurable impact.
  3. Elevate awareness and understanding of philanthropy's social and economic value in our region.
  4. Achieve long-term financial strength and organizational sustainability.