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Welcome our New Members:

Good Governance & Effective Practice

Commitment to accountability

We believe that the field of philanthropy is responsible for strengthening practices within its own ranks to ensure the highest levels of transparency and accountability. In 2004, we developed and adopted the "Statement of Values, Guiding Principles and Best Practices for Members” to demonstrate the commitment of our board, staff, and membership to sustaining the public trust through effective governance.

We are committed to increasing our members’ knowledge and impact through the promotion of best practices and fostering greater understanding of the unique role that philanthropy serves in our bettering our society and community.

Accountability Self-Assessment Tool

The Accountability Self-Assessment Tool is a comprehensive and flexible resource that private foundations (family, independent or corporate) can use to help ensure that they are complying with all relevant federal laws and regulations and to assess how well they are engaging in generally recommended good practices for being accountable to the public. The three parts of the self-assessment tool include:

Accountability Self-Assessment Questionnaire
Use the Accountability Self-Assessment Questionnaire to assess your foundation for both legal compliance issues and accountability issues. The questionnaire comes in versions for both staffed and unstaffed private foundations.

Accountability Self-Assessment Questionnaire for STAFFED Foundations
Accountability Self-Assessment Questionnaire for UNSTAFFED Foundations

>> For definitions of key terms used in this tool, link to this glossary.

Self-Assessment Worksheet
The Accountability Self-Assessment Questionnaire is accompanied by an MS Excel spreadsheet to help you tabulate your responses.

Self-Assessment Worksheet for STAFFED Foundations
• Self-Assessment Worksheet for UNSTAFFED Foundations

Legal Compliance Checklist
The Legal Compliance Checklist contains all legal requirements tracked in the Accountability Self-Assessment Questionnaire, to ensure compliance with federal law. The checklist comes in versions for unstaffed and staffed private foundations. Note: The self-assessment tools were developed for grantmakers around the nation, and are not tailored specifically to Pennsylvania laws governing foundations.

Legal Compliance Checklist for STAFFED Foundations
Legal Compliance Checklist for UNSTAFFED Foundations