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Giving Stories
 Giving with purpose.

Every day, the efforts of funders large and small have a tremendous impact on our communities. Whether highly visible—like the creation of a performing art center—or less evident—like supporting important research to cure deadly diseases—examples of how philanthropy helps people and betters our quality of life are all around us.
Here are just a few stories that illustrate the motivation and passion of Philanthropy Network members to invest their resources in meaningful ways to improve lives and create positive change in our region.
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Comcast Foundation
Empowering Communities One Neighborhood at a Time

For Charisse R. Lillie, a visit with Project H.O.M.E. and other Comcast-supported organizations is always an opportunity to learn about the needs of communities in the company's footprint.

"When you walk into a community center and see children who don't have computers in their homes smiling and chatting as they type and point to screens in a fully-equipped technology lab we've supported, it's inspiring," said Lillie, Vice President of Community Investment at Comcast and President of the Comcast Foundation. "I can see the difference we are making."

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Comcast volunteers celebrate the completion of a playground mural

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Brandywine Health Foundation

Forging Community Partnerships in Chester County

To Harry Lewis Jr., board chairman of the Brandywine Health Foundation, the goal is very personal. Growing up in Coatesville as the eldest of nine, leaving to attend a historically black college, and returning home to teach and coach track, "I am so invested in Coatesville but know that we have to listen to the community and be open to a wide variety of viewpoints and experiences if we're really going to turn things around for everyone here. That's why we're embarking on a strategic planning process that includes lots of opportunities for residents and others who care about Coatesville to give us their feedback and ideas.”

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The Coatesville Youth Initiative's
Brandywine Trek 

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Claneil Foundation

Creating Healthy Communities

For over 40 years, the Claneil Foundation has worked to create healthy communities through supporting organiza­tions that make a difference in the lives of individuals and families. Currently in its second and third generation of family leadership, Claneil is rooted in a history of core values which include a belief in volunteerism, a desire to provide access for underserved populations to quality education, nutrition and health services; and a commitment to sharing the experience and knowledge of effective philanthropy with multiple generations.

Witnesses to Hunger

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Image from the "Witnesses to Hunger" project

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The PNC Foundation

Banking on Building Stronger, More Vibrant Communities

PNC has developed a unique approach to its corporate giving by investing in an issue that is important to communities PNC serves, while developing signature programs that bear a distinctive PNC mark. It's called "branded philanthropy,” an approach that allows PNC to achieve high impact in the community, while being identified strongly and uniquely with the company's grantmaking initiatives. It's smart and strategic philanthropy that works well for PNC's employees, its customers and the communities in which it does business.
PNC Arts Alive grantees

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Leeway Foundation
See Change Through Art
What is art? What should art bring to the community? How, exactly, should the artist bring that art, and the statement it contains, to the community?
The Leeway Foundation, with its mission to make art an integral part of the movement for social change, finds itself in a unique position among Philadelphia arts funders.  Its founders and its board are committed to giving women and transgender artists the opportunity to change society through their art. The foundation values, as its mission statement emphasizes, "fearlessness in action, speech, and self-examination… breaking down boundaries and barriers with creativity, respect and openness to the process.”

Brinae Ali
Art and Change Grant '07
Photo: Simba Madziva

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Stoneleigh Foundation
From the Kitchen Table, A Foundation is Born

Carole Haas Gravagno believes that some of the best ideas start at the kitchen table: family members debating issues and swapping stories, often agreeing, occasionally arguing, always fully engaged. That's how some of the most inventive concepts have come to light and sometimes turned into great success stories. Such is the case with the Haas family and Stoneleigh Foundation.
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Stoneleigh Fellows

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